Welcome to JF Planner

JF Planner is a web application for teachers and students. Teachers can estabilish a list of student and set their lessons packages which will be set into caledar. There are many points you can do, like postpone lessons, set notes about lessons...

Teacher can set credentials for a students and provide them access to their calender with planned lessons. That is awesome way for cooperation between teachers and students.

Hello Teachers

  1. At first is necessary to create your account. For this, click on "Sing Up" button and fill existing email and fill password.
  2. In case you have an account use only "Log In" button and continue.
  3. With big plus icon add students and in details set their lessons packages.
  4. Enjoy.

Hello Students!

  1. First you need is: Ask your teacher for sending you an access data for your personal access.
  2. Next click on the "For Students" button, use yours credentials and thats all.
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